M-SCEA's Triumph

M-SCEA is the oldest Shelby County Schools teachers' union in Shelby County.  After a rival union was created and began to spread negative and false information about M-SCEA in hopes of increasing its own membership, M-SCEA reached out to Jackie Creative Solutions to counter the smears and increase its membership.


Jackie Creative Solutions implemented a communications campaign which included a series of videos, mail outs, text messages, blog/content marketing and email marketing.  Jackie Creative Solutions produced several videos and promoted them on Facebook to reach SCS educators who also spent time on the social media site.


The results were staggering.  The combined videos have been shared over 1,000 times, combined views are close to 50,000 and M-SCEA's brand awareness increased substantially. They have signed up hundreds of new members to M-SCEA since the media campaign began and were able to greatly reduce the negative impact of the rival organization by using video to address important issues head on.


Below is a Screen Shot of M-SCEA's Most Successful Video Campaign to Date


267 Reactions

619 Video Shares