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What's Your Story?

Stories shape our beliefs, motivations and values.  A powerful story can and often does inspire nations into action.  Jackie Creatives crafts compelling visual stories that create conversations and ignite action.


We seed those stories so that your message reaches the right people.  We don't just create videos and leave you to figure the rest out on your own.  We produce them and help you implement your digital advertising strategy.


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Dee Lewis

Founder, Creative Media Strategist


Founder, Dee Lewis is an award-winning independent film producer and  master storyteller.  The Memphis native earned her B.A. from the University of Memphis and hit the ground running.  She has produced two award winning films which earned a strong following on the independent film circuit.   She has also produced numerous  profile and promotional videos and oversaw the video marketing strategy for a variety of campaigns.

Lewis specializes in finding the heart of a story for clients and marketing their message to the world.


When she is not conceiving the next viral video idea for a client, she enjoys practicing Krav Maga, an Israeli form of self-defense and producing independent films.


Email: dlewis [at]

Terrance Wilson

General and Operations Manager


Terrance Wilson is a native of New Orleans and a passionate community service advocate.  He oversees the daily operations of Jackie Creatives from community development to the recruitment of top talent.

When he is not scrutinizing every detail of Jackie, you can find him feeding the homeless every other Sunday and teaching young entrepreneurs business management.


Email: terrance [at]

Deneka Lewis

Creative Producer


Deneka Lewis wears many hats in the creative department.  From jingle vocalist to voice-over artist to writer to videographer, if it is creative, she is part of it.  Born in California but raised in Memphis, TN, this talented woman has won an Ostrander Award for best ensemble performance for her work in "The Color Purple" and can be found singing and performing around town.  She has served as a producer on two films and brings her strong artistic eye and knack for storytelling to the team.


Email: deneka [at]

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What is Video Content Marketing


Jackie Creative Solutions specializes in video content marketing and customer funnels. 

Video content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that involves creating consistent video content that informs, engages and influences target audiences.  The goal is to change the behavior of your target audience

over time through sparking conversation and social engagement. It is not a one-time-thing, but rather a strategic and continuing effort.


Video content marketing builds strong bonds with your audience.  By consistently producing and distributing video content that entertains, educates and ignites discussion, businesses stay top of mind. This approach drives more profitable customer action and repeat action.

We offer the following types of video content marketing:

Profile Stories  | News Style (Advertorials)

Video Documentaries  | Educational




Video Production

Nothing leaves an impression like video.  We work with you to create a concept and we produce it as a news style video  or profile story.

Video Advertising

What's the point in producing a great video if no one knows about it? We help you implement a social media advertising campaign that reaches your audience and your goals.

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